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Very pleased to announce that Telemidi has had an article published on The MIDI Association’s web page.
Please follow the link to have a read!!

PS – Beta testing for live performances is currently underway, stay tuned for developments.
Matt Bray

4 thoughts on “MIDI Association”

  1. Hello,
    what an interesting project!
    As a musician I’ve always dreamed about being able to jam with other musicians from my room whenever I have some time to dedicate to my instrument, although as a guitar player, I still miss similar audio-based (non MIDI) real time jamming projects.
    I’ve played in some online jam sessions with jammr, but I find the latency too high for a real “jam” feeling that makes it different from following a synched click (that I can even do alone following a backing track…).
    I would be curious to know from an expert like you if the new generation of Fiber Optic networks ( Giga in download and 200 Megabytes in upload) will eventually make it possible.

    1. Hi Marcello,
      Thanks for reaching out!
      Latency free, real-time audio interplay is the ultimate goal however there is always an element of latency when using current computing technologies (processors, modems, regional data queuing etc).
      The increase in bandwidth certainly allows for more reliable transfer of data per second, however being able to maintain a constant scenario of less than 30ms latenc whilst making music with another location is the challenge. Next generation data systems will still exhibit network jitter, albeit with gradually less effect, however completely removing this obstacle is most unlikely.
      My hunch is that near-zero latency will be achievable via processes such as distributed ledger integration (“communal” time clocks) or quantum computing innovations.
      Thanks again for your interest Marcello, shoot me an email at trigital@live.com if you’d like to know more.
      Matt Bray

    1. Hi Sanny,
      Firstly, thanks for your interest, and yes I have just successfully carried out three Telemidi tests between Melbourne Australia and Edinburgh Scotland, a total of 16,500 km!
      Details coming shortly!
      Matt Bray

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