8 thoughts on “International Update Vid #1”

  1. Hi Matt, Congratulations! This is BIG!

    I’m doing a masters at UCL (Design for Performance and Interaction) and all your research looks really great. For my first paper/ essay I was planning to talk about improvisation as language/ interaction tool and naturally any kind of technology that allows people to improvise together.
    More than that, Im from Brazil (but living on London for 5 years now) and my band mates are still in Brazil I would love to be able to jam with them via internet as well. Apart from your example, I could not find any good example about real time jamming using webmidi ( very simple, just notes and velocity for now, driving one synth hardware/ drum machine on both ends).

    So if you have any update on your discoveries would amazing to understand a bit more of where you are right now.

    many thanks

  2. Hi Matt,
    I’m Gabriel. I would like to test the Telemidi with a friend for a modular synth performance at distance.
    I didn’t find your email address on your contact page..
    so I write here, hope it gets you.

    Thanks for this amazing opportunity.

    1. Hello Gabriel,
      Thank you for reaching out, I have sent you an email to follow up on this.
      There are some exciting opportunities for MIDI to CV that play into the Telemidi format for modular synth engagement.
      I look forward to exploring this with you.

  3. Hi Matt and nice to e-meet you.
    I read about your “Telemidi” technology, big up and congratulation.
    I’m very interested in learning more and applying it to some LIVE streams during this lockdown period.

    Let me know and pls contact me on this email dg@nsuc.eu

    Best regards
    Davide Gardenghi (Federico’s father)

    1. Hello Davide,
      Thank you for reaching out! I am happy to assist you with applying MIDI exchange to live streaming, I have emailed you in response to explore this further.
      Kind Regards
      Matt Bray

  4. Hi there!

    Fascinating research and techniques being used to explore these concepts – loud applause to you!

    I’m a professional jazz pianist and session musician, but I’m also deeply involved with a music school in Canada that places heavy emphasis on teaching improv from an early age. This research is of high level of interest to us.

    Would you be interested in connecting directly for a discussion on where things are at with the research and whether you’re partnering with anyone currently on developing this further?

    Would love to know more, and once again thank you for the awesome work.

    Stu Harrison

    1. Hi Stu, thanks for the contact and thank you for the feedback! There have been a number of exciting developments for Telemidi around the globe across multiple performance formats. I will email you to see what is the best path forward.
      Matt Bray

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